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I like watches. I like them a lot. I'm not exactly sure why this is or how it even started, but it's a fact. I've never really been the sort of person to collect things. Oh sure, I have a small army of books, and for a while I was really into collecting older computers and DC gearhead motors, but nothing has ever grabbed me the way that collecting watches has.

My collection is comprised of only twenty or so watches, the bulk of which have been accumulated during the past year. None of them are big names (yet) and the most expensive was only $300--my budget doesn't permit much else right now.

On some of my reviews, I assign a final rating from one to ten. This rating takes many factors into consideration, but generally price is not one of them. A $100 watch can get a score of ten and a $10,000 watch can get a score of six. What is considered is how well a watch does what it is supposed to do and whatever cosmetic and mechanical flaws it may have.

The Collection

Here is a list of the watches I have bothered to review. It's by no means complete.

Invicta Speedway
Invicta GMT
Westcoastime 5513
Timex 20501
Sandoz Explorer
Sandoz Sub
Invicta 9937
Luminox 3200 Series

Other Stuff

Invicta Torture Test