LCRA Power Plant Tour

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That's a long way down. I think we're still on the seventh floor at this point.
Seventh floor looking up to the stairs that lead to the roof.
It's awe-inspiring to think that these girders were made and this building was assembled in the 1920s.
More unpoured floor. The stairs at the far end eventually become our means of going down. We get there in an interesting way.
Some welding going on.
The interesting way I spoke of is that we go out onto the roof through a window. Ahead is the LCRA sign that is so clearly seen from far and wide. Right behind the fellow in blue is the doorway that we'll be going in to the other side of the building.
Looking straight down.
A bit of the worksite. Those bricks at the upper right have an intesting story. As part of this project, there are apartments on the outside of the complex that are brick. One of the requirements of the sale was that the bricks could not look like the bricks of the complex itself.
Homes-to-be. Comal River. Wurstfest. Is there a better place to live?
I wouldn't mind living here.
Looking up at one of the smoke stacks. I wonder how often someone actually climbs that ladder.
We're past the fellow in blue and inside what used to be an elevator shaft.
This place has lots of windows. It's a relatively mild day but I have already soaked through my shirt with sweat. I can only imagine how important it was to ventilate this place back in the '20s.
We walked out of the elevator into the other side of the building. I took a quick picture of my car. Look at the road and then spot the bright green truck near the center. My car is the black one right behind it.
I wish I could recall where this was.
Going down to five. These are my feet. Below my feet is the original staircase that leads pretty much all the way down.
Carnegie was here. This is a close-up shot of one of the steel girders.
This is where the shiny new elevator will be. They are going to be doing some stunning things in this area.
Here's a great shot of the interior.
I'm itching to get over there to take a picture. Out of courtesy I don't wander off on my own.
Fortunately, we're on our way over there. The piece of steel sitting on the grill has just been cut off. It is billowing smoke. For some reason in this picture it's billowing nothing.
Look at me! I'm tight-rope-walking a girder! Well, not really. Just an interesting photo.
Here's a great shot of the stairs that lead to the roof. What's really interesting is the square wooden hatch just before it. For all of their dramatic appearance on the outside, this is what the smoke stacks look like on the inside.
This is where I was itching to get. Somewhat anticlimatic, but that's Wurstfest on the left.
A little more interesting. There's the river looking towards Landa Parck and the mirror of the ceiling that we were standing on on the other side of the building.
Did I mention there were a lot of windows?
The ceiling.
Looking down.
To be useful as apartments, the occasional adjustment needs to be made. Here a steel support member has been cut and bricks have been removed to make a doorway. For that added touch of elegance, the brickwork arrangement above the door is new. It's the little details that are going to make this place stunning.
That's an A/C duct at the top.
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